What is your shipping policy?

We ship product 2-5 business days after payment is received. If a rush order is required please contact us prior to placing and paying for your order.

Are the bokkens in the pictures the same as the item that ships?

Yes. We display each item in a three picture series that is unique to the item. The item in the pictures is the the item that will be shipped.

Where do you source your woods from?

Samureye bokkens sources its raw material from local suppliers and lumber yards that deal in ethical trade. All the wood we use is already "landed" and usually off-cuts, no new trees are used in the making of our products.

What is the difference between contact and non-contact grade bokkens?

Contact bokkens generally have the combination of proper grain direction (Vertical), bokken thickness and suitable hardness characteristics exhibited by the wood itself. Eg: One would tend to focus on grain direction more on an oak or hickory bokken as opposed to a South American or African hardwood bokken.

Non-Contact bokkens are usually chosen because of a visual characteristic present in the wood makes for an eye catching kata bokken or display piece.


What is the difference between the available finishes on the bokkens?


The "Pure Feel" of untreated wood. We finish sand the bokkens to 440grit or higher finish depending on the wood species. This provides the bokken with authentic look and feel while still attaining a burnished finish.


The oil's used are natural tung oil and polymerized tung oil. We have found that this is the toughest and best oil to use for this purpose. It dries to a hard finish without leaving sticky residues found in other products.

Multi-Coat Polyurethane

For a contact bokken we recommend this finish. After each coat of polyurethane we sand and clean the bokken before applying another coat. We repeat this process depending how well each wood species accepts the finish. This is done until a high sheen and hard protective coating is achieved. In our opinion we have found this to be the best finish for all types of wood.

Do you handle custom orders?

Yes we do. Finish, style, shape and wood species are some of the factors involved when filling custom orders. Prices can vary greatly depending on how complex the order is. Email us with your project ideas and we will happily start the process to meet your requirements.

Does Samureye Bokkens only make bokkens?

No. We create an array of products. Some of the items we create are Jo staffs, Hanbo, Fighting Sticks and Canes. We also make weighted training varieties of several different weights and styles. We have some items in the store but generally these are custom requests.

Are there discounts for large orders?

Yes. We offer discounts on an order of 10 items or more.

What makes Samureye Bokkens different from other suppliers?

One of our strengths is the size of our shop. Being a smaller company allows the craftsmen to pay more attention to detail and focus on the finer aesthetics of each piece. Things such as triple taper designs and decorative wood inserts set our bokkens a notch above the status quo. This along with very high standards when choosing the wood itself ensure a high quality product from start to finish.